JG Service AG –
Quality right from the beginning!

Looking back at 30 years of experience we are still focused on
producing small and medium sized order lots in consistent high quality.

JG Service AG Geschäftsleitung

JG Service Management

Our philosophy: Quality right from the beginning!

short delivery times

optimal service by fast decisions

modern machinery park

cooperative relations with our
customers and suppliers


highly qualified and efficient staff


Environmental protection is a crucial topic for us

  • After burning of solvents

  • Photovoltaik technology

  • Distillery for inks

  • Block heating and generating plant

  • LED illumination

  • Measures to reduce consumation of water and energy

  • Preservation of resources

  • Ressourcenschonung
JG Service Nachhaltikeit


  • 1992 until 1995

    JG SERVICE was founded by Messrs. Heribert Gremair and Richard Janocha in 1992.

    • 1992: foundation of JG Service in Vieth
    • 1992: first production hall was built
    • 1993: installation of the first printing machine from W+H
    • 1993: construction of another production hall
    • 1995: installation of a reel cutting machine with automatic rewinding
  • 1995 until 2000

    Apart from many investments in the running production, the foundation of our production site in Hohenwart went into planning.

    • 1995: installation of a GÖBEL reel cutting machine
    • 1997: building of a new production hall in Vieth
    • 1997: installation of a 6 colour flexo printing machine
    • 1998: installation of a further GÖBEL reel cutting machine
    • 1998: new office building in Vieth
    • 1999: acquisition of real estate in an industrial area of Hohenwart
    • 2000: planning and construction start of our new production site in Hohenwart.
  • 2001 until 2005

    With the beginning of the new millenium the main activities of JG Service were moved to Hohenwart. Further investments in machinery and building took place.

    • 2001: production in Hohenwart started
    • 2001: a new reel cutting machine was put into operation
    • 2001: a new 8 colour flexoprinting machine started production
    • 2001: administratitive staff moved from Vieth to Hohenwart
    • 2002: a new machine for solvent free laminating was put into operation
    • 2003: building of a further storing area
    • 2004: foundation of JG SERVICE AG
    • 2004: acquisition of additional real estate in Hohenwart
    • 2004: building of a further production and storing area
    • 2005: installation of a another 8 colour flexoprinting machine
    • 2005: another reel cutting machine went into operation
  • 2006 until 2010

    JG SERVICE has constantly been growing, an additional production hall was built and new machines were procured.

    • 2006: new production and storage buildings were constructed
    • 2006: purchase of a new laminating station for solvent free and solvent based glues
    • 2007: introduction of a new computer system which supplies us with all relevant data concerning administration and production.
    • 2008: purchase of a facility for regeneration solvents
    • 2009: purchase of a facility to clean exhaust air
    • 2009: installation of a pre warming unit for glues
    • 2009: building of a new production and storing facility
    • 2010: our first exibition at FachPack in Nürnberg
    • 2010: installation of a further 8 colour flexoprinting machine, a front and reverse site printing after the original printing is possible
    • 2010: aquirement of property with office building and warehouse
    • 2010: first cerfification of DIN EN 15593:2008 „Hygienemanagement for he production of food packaging“
  • 2011 until 2015

    JG SERVICE kept on growing.

    • 2011: our laboratory equipment was supplemented by a gaschromatograph and a new station for measuring tearing strength, fibre tear, sealing strength and friction (COF)
    • 2011: new installation of a laminating station for solvent/solvent free glues
    • 2011: a new building for storing inks
    • 2012: installation of a new reel cutting machine
    • 2012: installation of a new distillery
    • 2012: installation of a photovoltaic equipment on the roof of our warehouse
    • 2013: purchase of additional property lot
    • 2013: FachPack exhibition
    • 2013: installation of additional block-type thermal power station
    • 2014: installation of an additional 8 colour printing machine
    • 2015: purchase of further property lot
    • 2015: FachPack exhibition
  • 2016 until 2017

    • 2016: Construction of a new administrative, production and storage complex
    • 2016: Purchase and installation of a solvent-free laminating
    • 2017: Purchase and installation of a new slitter winding machine.
  • 2018 until 2019

    • 2018: Exhibition FachPack
    • 2018: Purchase and installation of a new laminating station for solvent free and solvent based laminations
    • 2018: Takeover of DFP Solution GmbH
      Everything about the digitalprint!
    • 2019: New in our portfolio:
      JG ONE – Mono substrate laminate with high barrier
      100% recycability – for the sake of our enviroment
    • 2019: Construction of a new storage complex
    • 2019: Exhibition FachPack
  • 2020 until now

    • 2020: Purchase of a Laser cleaning system
    • 2020: Reorganization for storing inks
    • 2021: Exhibition of Cosmetic Business in Munich
    • 2021: Installation of a Digitalprinting machine HP 25K
    • 2022: Exhibition Cosmetic Business in Munich
    • 2022: Exhibition FachPack in Nuremberg
    • 2023: Redesign of our website