Modern technology for highest requirements

Regular investments in machinery and know how of our staff guarantees a constant high quality of our products.

JG Service Technik

Flexo printing
for best results

  • Up to 8 color print

  • Frontal and reverse print

We offer high quality flexo print on a large variety of mono films or film combinations. Our Flexo printing machines made in Germany are of the latest technical standard and guarantee highest print quality up to 8 colours in frontal and reverse print with the possibilty of subsequent impression. Flexo print satisfies even highest requirements related to a large variety of films types and print runs.

JG Service Technik Flexodruck
JG Service Technik Digitaldruck

Digital printing
for maximum flexibility

For small and very small order lots we offer you our digital print,  it provides a razor sharp printing quality and allows short delivery times. You can easy create a variety of your own personalized designs by using variable data. The digital print is particularly suitable for presentation of prototypes, event packagings, launching new products on the market or proofing on original materials.

Please see more information on our    Flyer Digital Print.

  • Number of colour´s: 7 incl. white (allowing to cover approximately 99% of pantone colors)

  • 2438 x 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging)

  • Frontal / reverse print on flexible packaging materials

  • Max. print width: 736 mm

  • Excellent print quality – very clear pictures and high definition screen print

  • Usable for personalisation

  • for small and very small lots

  • No costs for printing forms – very low repro costs

  • Allows continous changes in each label, e.g for codes, numbers or design parts

  • Large variety of foil types: e.g. PET/OPP/Paper/PE/ Aluminium

  • Short term changes in design and text

  • For trial runs / special events / to launch new products on the market / to present a print proof on original material, creation of prototypes

  • High end processing like cold seal coating / varnish / embossing/perforation

with and without solvents

  • solvent based

  • solvent free

We laminate all our foil combinations in house on our 3 laminating stations.
Dependent on our customers product requirements we can offer the environmentally favourable solvent free lamination. Technically more ambitious applications or bulk materials that ask for higher barrier properties require solvent based lamination.

JG Service Technik Kaschierung
JG Service Technik Kaschierung

Slitter Rewinder

Our productions process ends on our slitting / – rewinding machines to finalize the reels as orderd by our customers.

The cutting width is starting at 20 mm up to 1300 mm reel width, with a maximum diameter of 800 mm.

Laboratory ,
based on DIN-Specifications we measure:

  • Sealing and bonding strength

  • COF measurement (sliding properties)

  • Analysis of residual solvents

Furthermore we offer to carry out aging tests of selected foil combinations to measure the suitability of a certain foil in connection with the product of our customer.

JG Service Technik Digitaldruck


Large variety in foil combinations

different barrier-

surfaces in matt, transparent,
metallised optic, etc.

Finishing for special effects

cold seal lacquers

heat seal lacquers

functional laquers

feel laquers